My Story

After many years in search of healing, I found myself on the other side of the world in Perth Australia consciously connecting with my breath. This allowed me to go within, release repressed trauma and fully understand who I am.

With years of experience running and facilitating workshops for men, women & teenagers both in the UK and Australia I have a unique presence that’s brought to every session.

I’m very grateful to have worked alongside and run events with Marcel Hof the Brother and trainer of Wim Hof, gaining a wealth of knowledge and expertise along the way.

After losing my business when the lockdowns hit in 2020, this created space once again for me to go within. Through this inner work, I felt incredibly inspired, and a new found mission of getting the world to breathe freely again was birthed.

I enrolled on a journey to become a qualified breathwork facilitator.

I trained with 'Alchemy of Breath' as a breathwork facilitator. Their training is globally accredited by the Australian Breathwork Association, Global Professional Breathwork Alliance and the International Breathwork Foundation.

I have never been so certain and excited to bring this gift to the world.

Michael Henderson of Breathe2heal Perth Australia

What do I do?

I bring you back to your breath, back into your body and back to being. Using simple breath techniques, tried and tested for thousands of years you will begin to understand the power within your breath. Coming back to your breath can change your life in a moment. I encourage you to let go of what no longer serves you.

I hold online and in person breakworks, both 1 to 1 and group sessions. Whilst delivering the breathwork I will always hold calming, safe, supported and confidential space. There will never be any judgment of what is discussed in our sessions. This gives you full permission to express and release unresolved trauma, limiting beliefs, and brings a sense of clarity and purpose back into your life. After our breathwork session you will begin to integrate new understandings, realisations and have an overall sense of improved health & wellbeing.

I will guide you through some of your most challenging and enlightening times throughout your breathwork journey.

What do I love?

I love my family and friends. I appreciate simplicity and flow. I value the smaller and finer things in life. I’m all about feeling and experiencing all that life has to offer which includes both our past and our present, our dark and our light.

I love having fun and incorporating play into everyday life.

My top 5 values are respect, connection, communication, love and truth.

I love talking to strangers, getting to really know someone, acts of kindness and standing for truth. I love being able to hold space for others to breathe, release and heal.

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